Improving Your Eating Habits
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Improving Your Eating Habits

When you start thinking more seriously about what you can do to manage various aspects of your life, eating is probably something that everyone could stand to improve a little bit. Although it can be a little challenging to identify and resolve various eating issues, identifying your poor eating habits and knowing how to zero in on the right food services can really be beneficial to your everyday health. For instance, if you consume a lot of sugar, lowering your intake could really help. Additionally, making changes regarding what you drink can help you to lower your sugar consumption and make positive changes for health. Check out these posts for more information.


Improving Your Eating Habits

Mexican Dishes Worth Trying If You See Them On The Menu

Joseph Mendoza

How many different Mexican dishes can you name? Most people are familiar with the basics, like tacos and burritos. These are delicious options, but you'll be limiting yourself of you only ever order tacos and burritos. These other Mexican dishes may not appear on every menu at every Mexican restaurant, but if you do come across them, they are certainly worth ordering. 


This might not be the first thing you think of ordering, but if you can work up the courage, you'll be glad you did. Chapulines are fried grasshoppers. Before you let yourself get grossed out, know that they are incredibly delicious. They're salty, crispy, and taste like a cross between seafood and chicken. They are often eaten as a snack, so if you see them on a menu at a restaurant, it will usually be as an appetizer meant to share with friends. 

Tortas ahogadas

This dishes name essentially means "drowning bread rolls." Basically, it is a roll, often made from soft, white bread, that is topped with a spicy tomato sauce. Often, the sauce is made either with shrimp or mussels. The whole roll may be topped with some sliced fresh tomato or pico de gallo before serving, and it's eaten with a fork because although it is delicious, it is quite messy!

Birra de Chivo

If you have never enjoyed goat meat before, this is an excellent way to have your first experience. Birra de chivo is a Mexican stew made with tender goat meat, chile peppers, vinegar, and an array of spices. The meat is remarkably tender by the time it is done braising, and the rich sauce is usually soaked up with rice and beans. A bowl of this stew will leave you very satisfied on a winter day.


If you are looking for something lighter to order, aguachile is a great choice. It is a light yet spicy soup. The broth is made from chicken and summer squashes, and then it is topped with fresh slices of peppers, avocado, cucumber, and red onion. It's like a cross between a soup and a salad, and it is definitely one of the healthier things you can order at a Mexican restaurant.

Each of these dishes brings its own flavors and characteristics to the table. If you see one on the menu, be sure to try it. Expanding your palate is so much fun.

To learn more about Mexican food, contact a Mexican restaurant near you.